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>> well, there you go. that's a better start to the day than we had yesterday. it's not raining this morning. that's nice. skies look pretty good . look like it will be a fairly decent day. tucker will tell us all about that. it is tuesday february 12th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. it's more than that , it's fat tuesday. >> that's right, yes. >> tucker barnes joining us now. looks like a great day today. >> should be a nice day. high temperatures later this afternoon in the low 50s and plenty of sunshine along with drier air. let's get to the numbers. we're in the 40s at reagan national. not terrible. dulles 44. b wi marhsall 43. do bring a jacket. it is breezy and it does feel cool. make sure the kids are ready for a winter morning. the winds have been blowing to 20 or 30 or gusting at 20 to 30. winds at
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about 8 in washington. hagerstown still 23. a breezy day along with the sunshine. very quiet weather pattern setting up for your tuesday. clouds overnight, clouds off to our north. mostly sunny day and a lot more sunshine than yesterday. clouds moving through from time to time. pattern starts to change. cloud up tonight and by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, we could do some rain and/or snow across the area. we'll have more details on that coming up. tuesday forecast couldn't be better. highs in the low 50s with sunshine. more details on that storminess coming up in a minute. >> good morning to you, tucker. right now we found a disabled vehicle. they turned the camera around. outbound canal road crowding that right lane as you travel from dc back in towards virginia. be very careful here. coming in off of the
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chain bridge. we'll continue with our cameras and show you what else is happening. 395 delays leaving duke street. up to the maps and here's what i know. eastbound along i 70. earlier crash. it has since cleared. big delays from 66 to 17 about a 25 minute drive and southbound along 270. you are below speed down to 31 miles an hour headed to a point at 109 at the truck scales. pace improves in gaithersburg to slow again. in rockville headed out towards the split, checking for the class on 28 just east of 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> continuing coverage now of breaking news out of college park. two university of maryland students are dead. another injured after an early morning shooting. >> police are calling this a murder suicide. melanie alnwick has been at the scene all morning long. a strange story. what is the latest
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? >> reporter: you're right, tony. strange and also very sad. there are three families now and so many friends that are waking up to shock and grief when they hear about what happened. police have cleared the scene for now but this is now where the questions begin. why would a young man pull out a gun and shoot his classmate? doesn't make a lot of sense. police say it began around 1:00 in the morning. the shooter for some reason was in the base amount and set a small fire. the other two house mates went down to the base amount to see what was going on. presumably they put that fire out. we're not sure. the three men then went up stairs and out the front of the house and they were in the front of the house when the shooter pulled out a gun and began firing striking both of his house mates. >> one victim has been pronounced dead at the hospital.
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a second victim has nonlife threatening injuries. the weapon has been recovered at the scene. at this point, detectives are interviewing witnesses, canvassing the neighborhood. >> reporter: and then shortly after the shooter fired on both of his roommates in the front of the house, he went around to the backyard and shot and killed himself. there's still no motive at this point. police have not identified any of the victims in this case. they still haven't even said whether they are graduate students, undergraduate students. still very very early at this point in trying to figure out why all of this happened. and again, they are asking if anyone has information, contact them to help put together some of the pieces. back to you guys. >> in other news, the world is
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on high alert this morning after north korea tested a nuclear weapon overnight. this is north korea's third nuclear test and could take the nation closer to its goal building a war head. also seen as active defiance cause the u.s. ordered north korea to shut down. in response to the debt nation, the security council will hold an emergency meeting today. the white house has condemned the act calling it quote highly provocative. the president said requires swift action by the international community. >> the president's day begins with that international crisis, it will end with the speech on the state of the economy and gun control. the president will deliver his 4th state of the union address. sarah joins us with a preview. >> sources say the president will layout an aggressive agenda for the year ahead. the speech
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may also layout battle lines and the republican led house of rupttives. tonight's speech will be heavy on the economy following up on the themes the president touched on. that means, a push for higher tax wills and more spending for infrastructure and education. especially with the looming battle over sequestration. immigration reform may also play a prominent roll. republicans say the presidencies his chance at the gop. >> his idea now, his political objective now is to reduce fracture to marginalize the republicans in the house who are the ones who stopped his agenda. >> considered a rising star in the gop will deliver the republican response to the president's address. likely cast the president's plans as more big government. the gun control message will be
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reinforced by some of the guests in the gallery tonight. michelle obama will be sitting with the family members. the chicago teenager gunned down. and dc delegate will also bring the mother of a teenage shooting victim and just a reminder you can catch the address tonight at 9:00 right here on fox 5. >> sarah, thank you. reaction continues to pour in over the pope's surprise announcement he will resign at the end of this month. one french cardinal says benedict the 16th broke a tattoo about resigning. here's information we didn't know. the holy father will leave at 8:00 p.m. rome time on the night of february 28th. he will then go to the papal retreat in italy for a time of rest. then return to the vativan to live out his days
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in a monastery with nuns. the pope will not participate in the conclave. what is still being worked out is when that meeting of the cardinals will begin. can't happen until march and the vatican says they want a new pope before holy week and easter. what to call him after he leaves his role. all attention turns to which cardinals may be frontrunners. a closer look and that about more with this surprise announcement. that's coming up at 7:30. >> allison, the former police officer turned triple murder suspect may now be in mexico. authorities raided a hotel in tijuana yesterday but found no signs. also filed murder charges against him yesterday.
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been on the run since late last week. they are still sorting through hundreds of tips from the public after offering a $1 million reward for information that leads to dorner's capture. happening today, an ex navy seal gunned down by a veteran will be laid to rest. 200 mile precession will follow chris kyle's funeral. yesterday nearly 7,000 people attended the memorial at cowboy's stadium. >> millions of people nationwide may be missing out on money because of mistakes on their credit score. >> we're going to tell you about a new government study that could have you double-checking your most recent report. >> the winter wait is over. spring still weeks away but baseball is back. dave ross will have all the details. >> first, you've heard about
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this. stranded at sea with no power or bathrooms. we've got an update on that carnival cruise ship adrift in the gulf. >> and as we head to the break, a live look outside on this fat tuesday, perhaps the voice of what we think modern mardi gras. louie armstrong sinning there. traffic and weather next. it is 7:10. we'll be right back.
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it will be another day of cleaning up in mississippi this morning. but another round of rain could make it tough. the state's governor says more than 500 homes were damaged or destroyed during sunday's tornado. amazingly no one was killed. at the same time, the snow weary northeast continues digging out after the weekend
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blizzard. the storm is blamed for 15 deaths. could lead to roof collapses. >> carnival cruise lines says a ship adrift in the gulf of mexico is so far off course, it will have to be towed to alabama instead of mexico. left texas for the caribbean thursday but an engine fire left 4,000 passengers stranded. the ship gives new meaning to the term sea sick. passengers say there's no power, no showers and the whole boat smells. the cruise line says passengers will receive a full refund and credit for a future trip. maybe not on that ship. >> that is tough. >> that is the worst. you are ready for the best time and you've saved up and you are here and then this happens. nobody's hurt. >> if they could get some auxiliary power but apparently the power is just --
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>> really big ores. >> start rowing. >> could be worse. i've never been on a cruise. >> i have. it's great. i love it. unless that happens. >> maybe not that cruise. >> okay. what's happening with weather? >> i'm sure they are not the same. >> it is not the love boat. >> we've got cool temperatures today. not terribly cold. 47 in washington. 34 in leonard town. 36 in manassas. here's the larger picture . columbus is 32. and 31 degrees. cooler temperatures move back in later tonight. and cold temperatures to the north. that's going to be a big factor in this storm system that's going to move back in tomorrow. high pressure builds in. it is going to be breezy. winds are gusting to 30.
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breezy day with highs in the low 50s. we cloud up tonight and see the storminess down towards dallas? that is our next area of storminess. that is going to move in later tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, we're going to have the period of rain and/or snow and/or rain transitioning to snow. still to be determined how much cold air this storm can tap into and whether or not there's enough cold air to tap into to change is all to snow. bottom line, there is the possibility of accumulating snow tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. not going to be a major storm but we haven't seen a whole lot. maybe a little bit could cause issues. with temperatures above freezing, i'm not sure how much will stick on the roads. did you get all that? >> yup. >> we could do it again this weekend. could be a coastal storm. looks like it will be. where it sets up , we're not sure. >> thank you, sir. we turn
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our attention to julie wright. she's got the latest on this morning's traffic. >> were you really paying attention to all of that? >> i got it. >> okay. >> there will be a quiz later. >>le northbound on 395 leaving duke street, heavy volume out towards king street. 14th street bridge over to the southeast southwest freeway. the lanes are open with no issues to report inbound to canal road. outbound is where we had the earlier stalled vehicle. let's pop up the cameras and show you what's happening out here. the slow traffic had been on 295. down to about 10 miles an hour and notice all of the red coming southbound. the pace slowing from the dc line. 12 miles an hour there. no issues reported on the top stretch of the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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>> spring still be a little ways off but spring training has arrived. >> already? pitchers and catchers reported to. dave ross is here with that story and more in today's sports breakfast. >> can't believe it. really is a big day for baseball fans all across the country. we really viewed this season as dc's -- this could be the historic year we were waiting for. last year going to the playoffs to have your heart ripped out. no excuses this team cannot be a special team come october. and they are the pitchers and catchers are there right now in florida. already heard steve strassburg, no pitch limit this year. he is all systems go this year. so good luck to our nats as they begin training. how about those washington wizards last night. going on the road, they don't do this very often.
7:19 am
and they win on the road. for only the 4th time this year. they've won four in a row. we talk about them cause they are one of the hottest teams in the east. boston's won 7. the wizards have won four. kind of nice to be held in that same steam right now. career high last night 28 points. wizards win 102-90. how about the hoyas at verizon center, got it done. market was died in the big east. but still gets it to go. he's a special player . this team is rounding into shape. they get a big win last night. 63-55. they are a half game out of first place in the big east conference. we have a celebrity birthday to talk about. >> who? >> robert griffin iii. happy birthday. 23 years young.
7:20 am
>> 23. >> how about that. you remember your 23rd ? >> not really. >> long time ago. you know what happened a couple days ago, he was actually in town doing rehab work in a pool and there was a party going on for a sweet 16 party and they saw robert griffin iii in the pool and it's mya lindon and go oh, my goodness it's rgiii. wait. after he gets done with the workout, one of her friends jumped in the pool and said i love you. and they took pictures as you can see and they actually rgiii tweeted about this with the hash tag fan appreciation and the girls tweeted him back. it was a really nice thing. robert has a good sense of humor. >> how is he doing?
7:21 am
>> doing great. all systems go he's on schedule. the schedule we don't know meaning the first week. he's on schedule right now. knowing robert, the guy's pushing. we just want him to be as cautious as he can be. so far so good. happy birthday. >> all right. see you in a little bit. it is now 7:21 now on this tuesday morning. why you might want to double-check your credit score. >> do i have to do it? >> you should do it, yes. >> holly will show us fat tuesday traditions live from the bayou bakery in arlington. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. new census numbers shows dc is living large despite an on going economic slow down. one in 7 households are in the top 5% when it comes to incomes.
7:25 am
begins at $191,500. large number of two income college educated households and the role of the federal government. >> an important consumer alert for millions of americans. a new study shows that one in four people have a mistake on their credit report. >> and even a little mistake could cost you big money. the federal trade commission -- the commission report looked at the results of 1001 credit scores issued which equifax, tranceunion and experian. also mean getting denied for them. the fdc says the report under lines the importance. a much closer look at the issue and how to protect yourself coming up in the next hour. >> dc schools are seeing a high
7:26 am
turn around. and it is bringing about concerns for funding for schools. a new study by the office of the state superintendent of education shows more than 6200 schools left public. those students did not reenroll in any other schools. nearly 5,000 students entered dc schools during the year. does raise concerns about how much funding schools receive. enrollment at the beginning of the year. >> still ahead, the future of the catholic church. >> one day after the pope's shocking resignation announcement. we'll take a look at who might succeed him. >> one last chance to party before lent. the fat tuesday celebrations down in the crescent city. >> be good to be in the big easy today. as we head to the break, a live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather
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and traffic from tucker and julie. it's 7:26. you are watching fox 5 morning news. s.  [ male announcerrx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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allison. it's time. >> the party will go on in new orleans. >> that was the party? >> forecasters are calling for more rain for today's mardi gras festivities. the great weather didn't keep people away monday. this is a live shot so everyone's got off to sleep it off. they lined the streets to see harry conic junior lead the parade. that's one of the big ones. >> i have never dared to be in new orleans for mardi gras. a little intimidated. i'll go when it's not mardi gras. it feels like mardi gras all the time in that area. not brave enough yet. >> it does look like fun. >> one day we can go as our own little crew. >> i would love it. tucker, what do you have for us? >> raining down south. they've been getting big drought rains last couple days. the weather down to the south is going to be a player in our forecast later
7:31 am
tomorrow. storminess approaching our region and could bring the threat of winter weather around here by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. let's talk about today first. not a bad start at all to your day. overnight a cold front. the air is drier , the winds have picked up and gusty morning. winds have gusted to 30. it is breezy and cool but not terribly cold. colder in leonard town. 36 in culpeper. highs later today with sunshine. back in the low 50s. should be a comfortable day for you and a lot of sunshine. nice quiet afternoon with exception of the winds. all right. here are your wind gusts. 18 out in annapolis. still blowing out in the mountains. 31 in hagerstown. 20 in winchester. it will be a breezy day today. not sure winds will be gusting at 20 to 30 today but about 15. nice and dry today. should be plenty of sunshine.
7:32 am
partly to mostly sunny day. and down to the south a very active southern jet stream and that's bringing rain for days and days. our focus is here to the south and west in oklahoma and northern texas where we're getting rain showers. that's an area of storminess ride along the southern jet here and get ejected out towards the washington area later in the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning for your commute just clouds. tomorrow afternoon, rain and/or snow across the region. that's been the set up here. and looks like washington and points north and north and west, the greatest threat of snow. could be accumulating snow even with temperatures in the mid 30s. i'm not sure how much is going to stick but certainly a possibility. there we are at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. notice at about 3 or 4:00, rain and/or snow across the area and the computer model suggesting transition for snow for most of us here. we do want to watch
7:33 am
that forecast late tomorrow night. lots of sunshine. 51 your daytime high . we cloud up tonight. tomorrow morning your morning commute should be dry tomorrow morning. 33 the overnight low with lots of clouds around tomorrow morning and afternoon showers and/or snow showers and fine tune the forecast and let you know how much snow we're talking about. a lot depends on the temperatures which is marginal. and back up near 50 by friday. could be another coastal storm. have to watch that one carefully. still a lot of question marks. that's weather. let's do traffic and julie's got your latest. >> definitely have that slow down headed for the wilson bridge. we have the delays as you form a line. northbound 210 at fort washington, that's where we had the incident tying up the center of the roadway. elsewhere where we have problems. southbound along 27
7:34 am
#0shgs the waiting line is beginning here in german town close tore 118 out towards 370. delays continue out of rockville. now in virginia, 95 remains slow from route 1. delays on 395 out towards king. traffic slows at the 14th street bridge. traffic slow to the inbound 11th street bridge. and rolling down the hill from branch avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. as you know the pope has resigned. this is a situation the catholic church has not had to deal with for 600 years. the resignation of a pope. among the many questions, will the move leave the church in term oil or will there be a smooth transition of power? for some insight, we turn to richard hillgardener at the u.s.
7:35 am
conference of catholic bishops. you prefer rick. first, let's talk a little about this period of transition. and i've heard people say will there be term oil? seems to me less term oil than there is when a pope dies. >> true. some of what is leading people to be term oil is this caught so many people off guard. bomb shell news of the year so far. in some ways, the church always has had in place is a system so when a pope dies, the transfer of power goes to the whole college of cardinals. all the cardinals who will all gather in rome. normally be gathered at the time of the death of a pope. they will gather and there are certain duties that are given to them for the day-to-day running of the church. not the least of which is gathering in conclave to elect a new pope.
7:36 am
>> and that process, the conclave, the choosing of the pope will follow the same course that it usually does? >> with the exception of the period of mourning. when pope john paul died in 2005, there was a period of nine days of mourning after his funeral which was 9 or 10 days after his death. there was a long stretch before they entered into the conclave. that will happen this time without the days of mourning, at some point after february 28th, the cardinals will gather in rome and assemble in the general congregations. they will gather and oversee some of the day-to-day business temporarily and that's overseen by a smaller group. they'll also gather in larger groups to discuss the challenges, the issues facing the church today. the state of the church in the different parts of the world. may have times to hear reports from different cardinals from different parts of the world. all that before they enter into
7:37 am
the official conclave which is governed by a series of rituals. they'll actually begin the morning of the conclave with the celebration of mass. so they really gather and begin with prayer. and then they have a so long um per session into the sistine chapel where the doors are closed and locked and go in for the conclave and the voting of the selection of the next pope. >> i want to talk about that process in just a moment. first turn our attention to pope benedict xvi and what his role will now be. apparently, he will spend time at the summer residence forest and reflection is my understanding. and then return to the vatican and live amongst cloystered nuns. >> they are preparing a monastery in the vatican city from what i understand where he'll have pretty much a quiet retirement life. there's speculation his brother will
7:38 am
come and live with him who is also a priest and they'll live their days in quiet retirement. pope benedict's role in the election of the new pope has been established. there is no protocol to participate in the election. other than the influence he's had in naming cardinals in really helping steer the course of the life of the church in recent years. there are a lot of issues on the table that pope benedict has addressed. and they need to continue to be addressed. in many ways, the agenda is already well-known to everyone in the church. >> even if he's living a quiet life and he's very intellectual and academic. i suspect he'll do reading, may do writing during that period of time. but the fact he still is there and alive and by all accounts relatively healthy, will that cause any problems for the
7:39 am
sitting pope? >> we don't know. a lot of people are speculating that perhaps we won't see much of pope benedict. there is no protocol in our church law for what the former pope, the retired pope or officially the only title i've heard is bishop of rome. so he'll be the bishop of rome ameritis. what you call him, he comes in public to a big mass with the new pope, there's nothing written about it. >> in some way it's exciting. >> there is excitement about it. there's confusion about what this means. he clearly seems to want to step out of the lime light. he's a man of such humility and such a quiet person anyway. that i think the presumption is he'll probably happily step back and we won't see much of him in the future. >> the washington post today
7:40 am
has 6 individuals on the front page who might become the next pope. that is a very difficult process to predict who it might be. >> absolutely. there's the old saying if you go into the conclave as pope, as the prime candidate, you come back out a cardinal. so it's difficult to speculate in all of this. back in 2005 i was living in rome at the time as a graduate student. and everybody said cardinal ratsinger was going to be influential. he's already 78. probably not going to be a pope and he was elected on the third ballot. there are lots of candidates and lots of theories. or perhaps moves to a different part of the world and see a pope from africa or south america reflecting where the church is vibrant and growing reflecting the much more universal nature of the church today and the global scene.
7:41 am
>> we're out of time. a lot of people were saying it would be amazing if there is a pope from africa. there have been popes from africa many hundreds of years ago, am i right? >> not in modern times not been a noneuropean pope. >> and never an american pope. >> that would be a long shot. >> why is that a long shot? >> in part because of the american super power. the state of the american society. the status of the united states and the global scene. some might say it might be an odd confluence of factors to put an american in the papacy. a lot of people that would see cardinal dolan. that would be great. he's such a great guy. such a great spokesman and a man of faith. but it's a long shot. >> thank you very much for coming in. appreciate the conversation. we'll be back with more in a couple moments.
7:42 am
it's 7:41. 
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talk about stealing the show. just a minute before romesha was set to receive the medal of honor, his son decided to explore the stage. he took it all over cause he's so darn cute. took a stroll around the presidential podium. ignored military escort back to his seat. choosing to climb on to the one reserve for his papa. >> that's great. very cute. kids will be >> sports illustrated hit store shelves today. 20-year-old kate upton is the cover model. braced the cover consecutively in 1996 and 1997. officially unveiled on the late show last night. it was taken in antarctica. first time the magazine has shot on all 7 continents. i can't believe
7:46 am
we're talking about geography right now. >> when i look at her i think sports. >> i do too. >> i want to get the latest on the sports. when does that arrive? >> i don't understand any of it. she's a beautiful girl. >> she's gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. >> and they are on another show later tonight? >> do you see what tucker does. other times he tries to egg you on. >> she was on last night. they unveiled it last night. >> okay. it was past my bedtime. let me do some weather. i only get 30 seconds. 46 in washington. going to be a mild day. temperatures will be in the low 50s later today with sunshine and these breezes will continue for the next couple hours. 34 in pittsburgh. 25 in chicago. looking at our service map, high pressure keeps us dry today. let's focus to the south and west, area of low pressure
7:47 am
sneak up later tonight. your morning commute tomorrow will be dry. by the evening commute tomorrow afternoon, this area of low pressure will bring us enough rain and/or snow. particularly washington and points north and west. this has been the set up all winter long. this rain snow line across the area and looks like we're going to do that tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. exactly where that rain/snow line set up. temperatures in the mid 30s. the jury is still out whether or not we're going to get any snow that sticks to roadways. here's your accu weather 7 day forecast and temperatures back up near 50 by friday. could be another coastal storm with high temperatures only in the 30s saturday and sunday. stay tuned to that one. >> all right. we go to julie with an update on traffic. >> all right, you guys. been kind of busy . problems here or there. things are starting to
7:48 am
settle down. typical traffic patterns form southbound along 270 out towards old georgetown road. almost a 45 minute commute and this is with all lanes open. 95 to georgia avenue. inner loop of the beltway bogged down leaving saint barnabus road. stalled car reported at fort washington tying up the center of the roadway. inner loop of the beltway. the outer loop at 50 in virginia, that's where i have the accident tying up the right lane. let's continue with the cameras and show you what's happening out here on the roads. 395 remains slow. traffic slows crossing over the 14th street bridge. better ride out of german town. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. 7:48 on this tuesday morning. it's not just any tuesday morning. good morning, holly. >> reporter: you are exactly right. it is fat tuesday. and we are celebrating
7:49 am
in true mardi gras style as we are live at the bayou bakery where they are gearing up for a huge bay awe brawl going on tonight. we're getting you in the mood to talk mardi gras. i've got expert float makers already at work. tell you all about it and how you can get in on the fun next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. it's fat tuesday, traditionally the last party before the season of lent. >> in arlington getting the inside scoop how to throw a mardi gras celebration. good morning. >> good morning. move over mardi gras. we have bayou gras going on. it's pretty close to the real deal because of this guy right here. the chef and owner. new orleans native. you know all things mardi gras. seems like every year
7:53 am
your celebration gets a little bigger and bigger. >> we love having you guys here. this has become a real tradition. this morning we're talking about this particular tradition. growing up in new orleans. this is the kind of thing i did as a kid. talking about shoe box floats. so this were compliments of kent guards elementary school. my oldest attends there. these are an assortment of all the kid's entries. we have kemp's entry right here. >> let's have a proud moment. >> first prize. >> tell us about your float. >> well, there's not much to it. it's just a float, you know. >> he's humbled. >> it's new orleans style. not all of these are new orleans style. so we tried to bring out the true meaning of new orleans mardi gras. >> these are like the floats in the parade.
7:54 am
>> not just the shoe box part and kids getting involved but new orleans is every float has a theme in new orleans. we're going to see that firsthand today right here in court house arlington with our live parade with all the cool floats. >> and just in case you missed it, yes he did win first place. no pressure though but high five on that. very good. this one won first place. and a kindergartener did that. let's come over here , we have drew breeze here also known as spencer who is making floats here. let's talk about that. let's talk about what should we do here to make this float better. >> well, it's right now just grass. >> got a cypress tree in the back. and a nice boat.
7:55 am
something you'd find in the bayou. >> and here's a little head. >> is there any theme you can't use? >> no. there's ris -- risque things. still all about encompassing the true meaning. you got one final day before lent. >> get it all out. >> what would help us blow it out is if we had a new orleans beat. spencer, can you give us a beat? how about you come over here. go ahead. he's got to get into his drum zone. you need help? he doesn't want everyone to see who he is. wait, let's get your top on here. >> come on man, take us home. >> huge bayou gras going on
7:56 am
tonight. all right. let's do it. 5 until 11:00 in arlington. tickets are $10 to $30. coming up in our next hour, only just begun. we're going to talk more about the life size floats and mombo dancing. tuesday arlington style. back to you all in the studio. >> i like it a lot. holly, thank you so much. >> certainly looks bizarre with the stocking over the head. still ahead in our next half hour, the link between vitamin c supplements and kidney stones. more on the findings of a new study. >> dr. mike today. first though we're going to sit down with a speech writer for the last minute state of the union preparation. time right now is 7:56 and fox 5 morning news continues after this.
7:57 am

7:58 am
7:59 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> tragedy overnight. first the
8:00 am
fire is set, then gunfire rings out near the university of maryland campus. this morning, two students are dead. another injured. we have the details of what investigators say was a bizarre murder suicide. >> worldwide outrage. north korea admits to performing a third nuclear attempt. what we know about the bold move and how the white house is responding. >> act 2. president obama prepares to layout plans for his second term. what we can expect in tonight's state of the union address. joins us live to share his thoughts. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this tuesday morning. tucker barnes i see the skies as they always are. >> we're gaining 2 minutes and 17 seconds per day. >> i think i've noticed that. >> sunsetting later and sun getting earlier everyday. start to go turn the corner to spring. feel a little more spring like today.
8:01 am
should be a comfortable afternoon. as mentioned with temperatures running about 5 to 8 degrees above normal. not a bad start. 48 at reagan national. dulles is 42. and bwi 43. the winds have been with us for the overnight hours and gusting to 30. it will be a breezy day. sustained winds only about 6 in washington. frederick 12 and 18 in hagerstown. bring some layers even with temperatures in the low 50s and mostly sunny skies. it will feel cooler than that with the breezes. generally sunny today. high pressure builds in. that will give us a nice afternoon and quiet weather pattern for your tuesday. we are going to cloud up tonight and by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, we've been focusing on the possibility of winter storm. it will move in and bring us rain and/or snow. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i think your morning commute will be just fine. temperatures are marginal tomorrow afternoon. there's a quick look at your accu weather
8:02 am
7 day. looks stormy tomorrow afternoon and maybe this weekend with temperatures much colder this weekend with highs only in the 30s. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> slow moving traffic right now around the top stretch of the beltway. southbound along 270 coming in out of german town. tapping the brakes here. really from gaithersburg headed south. no issues reported coming across the bridge. outer loop at the beltway. two right lanes tied up at the scene of the crash. 395 remains slow and crossing over the 14th street bridge. wrapping it up with our last camera. headed for the wilson bridge. still going to find yourself on the brakes as you travel in 210 headed for the bridge. no accidents just volume delays. authorities tell me they are checking for a crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
8:03 am
>> thank you. two minutes after the hour we continue to follow breaking news in college park where early morning gunfire leads two students dead and another injured. >> this happened around 1:00 and police are calling it a murder suicide. the three students lived together on 36th avenue. the suspect reportedly tried to start a fire in the base amount of the home. the two roommates confronted the suspect. went outside to the front of the apartment and that's where the suspect pulled out a gun. >> one victim has been pronounced dead at the hospital. a second victim has nonlife threatening injuries. the weapon has been recovered at the scene. at this point, g thetives are interviewing neighborhood. >> after shooting his roommates, the gunman went to the back of the home and killed himself. none of the victims have been identified and no word on a motive.
8:04 am
>> north korea's nuclear test tops world headlines. world leaders condemning under ground test and president obama calls it highly provocative. a third nuclear test and this morning the u.s. and south korean military are holding emergency meetings. nato is calling on north korea to stop these kinds of acts. president obama says the danger posed by north korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and incredible action by the international community. the united nations is meeting in the next hour to discuss the crisis. >> tonight president obama will deliver the first state of the union address of his second term. according to the white house web site, the speech will be carried out live online and through phone apps. the delivery message may be high tech but what does the president
8:05 am
need to include in tonight's speech not just for public interest but congressional action as well? joining us now paul editor and chief. and wrote hundreds of speeches for president clinton and lectured on historic and modern day political speech writing. good to see you back on the show. >> good to be here. >> what do you expect to hear from the president and what does he need to say? >> from all indications, the president is going to have a focus on the economy. talking about steps that can be taken by congress. he's going to be putting a lot of what we've been hearing about in an economic context. in other words, he's going to talk about immigration but talk about the benefits. increase gdp and taxation. you are going to see a lot of weaving together of things the president has had on his agenda. infrastructure bank, for instance.
8:06 am
put in the context of the election is over. the economy is weak. we need to juice it up some. and please, let's not have budget battles that do damage to this nation's he can knowledge i can recovery. >> what is the message that he'll deliver to folks in congress? what will that message be and how do you do that and still speak to the nation? >> well, i think that you offer republicans, you know, great chinese warrior once said build him a golden bridge to retreat from. he's going to try to make the case that neither republicans nor democrats want to hurt this economy. having a battle over huge spending cuts would do that. and can we not find common ground? way to get out of this sequester. $1.2 trillion cuts
8:07 am
on the table. >> also remains big gun control. and the limitations on guns and where you can buy and what kind. and in the audience there, if you will, there will be victims of gun violence and people who have lost family members. how powerful with that message be? >> ever since ronald reagan introduced a fellow who jumped off the bridge to save folks who died in the airline crash, there have been uses of heroic individuals. i think become a little stale after a while. they use them and people do like them and i'm sure they'll be used well in this speech. again, i think the president is going to try to frame this issue as a main stream issue. going to press very hard for ending the loopholes in background checks which 80 or 90% of americans are in favor of and present policies as main stream
8:08 am
policies and those who would block them as against the main stream. >> first speech of the second term, the last term. what can we expect as far as demeanor, mood, sort of the tone of the speech. >> i think you are going to see a combination of great confidence, the president won re-election. he's got a majority now that for the first time really in decades, a majority that favors stronger government action. that's something new. at the same time, he knows that republicans have a role to play. and can block what he's doing. so i think you'll see a little bit more -- my guess is you'll see a little bit more magnanimous outreach. you are going to see a confident president. >> we started with the fact people can watch on these other sort of devices and the white house blog they said watch on your iphone. how does that change things at all? almost like we're living in this
8:09 am
new world now where everything is scrutinized had had and everybody is looking at it. does that change the message at all or do they want whatever message is prepared? >> you know, i don't know. my guess is most people will watch as they always have. and i don't know there's a huge difference watching it on an ipad than it is watching it on your screen in your living room. i do think that the state of the union is the most watched program that the president has every year. it has tremendous force. in terms of mobilizing the public and setting the blueprint for what all of government will do. or the pattern that will be set for the conversation. so it's enormously important. so i think the more people see it, the more powerful it becomes. >> i would totally agree with you. and you said my guess is if there is a more educated guess i'd like to see it besides
8:10 am
you in speech writing. thank you for being with us. tony over to you. >> thank you very much. we have the latest now on the pope's resignation. we've learned once he steps down at the end of the month pope benedict xvi will go back to being called by his birth name joseph ratzinger. no word yet on whether he'll get an official title. he announced monday he no longer has the strength to carry out the job. the vatican is confirming the holy father has had a pace maker for several years and in the hospital to have the battery replaces. a conclave to elect a new pope will be held in march. it is 10 minutes after 8:00 now. still ahead, credit report mistakes. it's possible millions of americans should have a better score than they do. coming up, a consumer protection official will join us live to clear up the confusion.
8:11 am
delayed home comings? fox 5 morning news will be right back.  some folks didn't think that our coffee was their flavor,,
8:12 am
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mardi gras has arrived in new orleans. fat tuesday celebrations are in full swing in the southern hot spot. rain could put a damper on the festivities. but turn out is still expected to be strong. they don't let the rain stop them. here at home the national cathedral will hold pancake races to celebrate mardi gras. >> a lot of pancake suppers tonight. it's 8:14. toss it over to tucker barnes who has the cuteness factor and the forecast too. >> thank you very much. you got it. time for my first 5 photo of the day. now this, this is a cool kid, everybody. >> that's right. >> yeah. i like the glasses. this is a very formal name. anthony steven web bshgs
8:15 am
b iii. he looks like he's enjoying his time in the spotlight. >> he is cool. >> the sun is so bright he's got to wear shades. >> i wonder if this will carry over into his later years. once you are kind of establishing that, probably going to stick. >> you can guarantee as long as somebody else is buying his clothes and dressing him, he's going to look like that. >> tony, what you were saying you weren't wearing sun glasses and a cool hat. >> i didn't. if i had, maybe i would be cooler. >> you are cool for us. >> love the picture. thanks to your family for sending in the picture. you look great. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. short slaefb shirt, probably need a light jacket today. not going to be terribly cold but it will be cool.
8:16 am
48 at reagan national. 40 in quantico. and 30s to the north and west. low 30s in binghamton. let's talk the future here talk about later this afternoon. breezy conditions expected. should be plenty of sunshine for your tuesday. nice quiet weather pattern for your afternoon. the l you see on the map, that's our developing storm system. clouds will move in later today. tomorrow will be a cloudy day. and mid to late afternoon and tomorrow night in terms of rush hour, a period of rain and/or snow across the area. temperatures are going to be critical here and right on that boarder between rain and snow. we think that line is going to set up just like it has all winter long right across the washington area. it's possible off to the north and west we could be talking about the possibility of accumulating snow. going to want to watch this forecast carefully here over the next 24 hours or so.
8:17 am
there's your accu weather 7 day forecast. got to figure out where that snow shrine going to set up. parts if not most of the area will see some snowflakes tomorrow. and could do it again this weekend with highs in the 30s saturday and sunday. that's weather. let's do traffic. >> sunshine right now and that's not working in our favor especially if you are traveling in from the west. be careful there. delays from route 5 headed towards the wilson bridge. trouble in the local lanes. reports of an action near the bridge. stalled car northbound at 210 follow police direction in order to get by. outer loop of the beltway out towards route 50. accident activity remains in the right lane. toll road traffic slows headed inbound. let's continue with the cameras and show you what else is out there. southbound kennel worth avenue below speed out towards pennsylvania avenue. 295 on the brakes leaving the beltway to
8:18 am
the naval research lab to the inbound 11th street bridge. outer loop still a slow ride over towards georgia avenue. southbound 212 and 95 is where traffic will slow. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. listen up, if you find a mistake on your credit report, you are not alone. according to a new government study, as many as 40 million americans have a mistake. we all know how important our credit is. bad credit can prevent you from securing a job, interest rates and even insurance. joining us now is erik freedman, director from the office of consumer protection. thank you for joining us. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> are you surprised by this number? 40 million people have a mistake? >> unfortunately not. we see many of these complaints in our office. first, tony, the thing many consumers might be surprised about is there are three major credit reporting
8:19 am
bureaus that collect, maintain and sell personal financial information about you and me and everyone else. >> to many many different sources, as a matter of fact. let's talk about how you find out. i know about this because i found a mistake on my credit report and i have to say my experience was it went pretty smoothly in terms of getting that fixed. i know that's not always the case. >> it's not. you were lucky. issued a 370 page report and found three things. one, there are many many errors on these credit reports. most consumers like you and me don't check our credit report frequent enough. and it can be difficult if not impossible to correct it. >> how do you find out if you've got a mistake on your report? >> number one, go to there are ones that will sell you products. ones that are confusing. but the one you want
8:20 am
to go to is the one the government set up which is make sure you smell it correctly. just go to that one. you can get a free credit report. they won't sell you premium products. i tried it yesterday afternoon. took a matter of about 8 minutes. less time my teenage daughter takes a shower. go on there, get the credit report and take a few minutes. we check our emails a thousand times a day. you want to find it early. the sooner you find it, the sooner you can correct it. >> the bottom line is you do not have to pay to get your credit report. >> absolutely not. you should not have to pay. you have a right to do it once a year with each of the companies. so you can do it every three or six, nine months. take a few minutes. sit down. look at it. it will tell you what items are
8:21 am
on there. and you'll be surprised how many errors you may be able to find. >> if you find an error, then what do you do? >> contact the credit reporting bureau in writing. they have an obligation to do a reasonable investigation and they have to remove it. if that doesn't work, contact the consumer protection offices in your area, the federal trade commission or the consumer bureau. he had a mortgage for a house he didn't own and a car loan listed for a car he didn't own either. there may be incorrect information. may show you were late when you were not late. may have a misspelling of your name and may have some other person's credit on your credit report. tons of problems are out there. >> if people go through this process and there are problems, they are not getting a response from the credit bureau or what have you, then what do theyhen y
8:22 am
and we can try and help them. some consumers have reported having to sued the bureaus to correct it. hopefully that will not be necessary. but a very difficult process. we see it as a version of financial lime disease. stays with you forever and ever. keeps coming back. >> it really does. the other surprising thing , once you do this is how far back in the past these credit reports government i know there's different weight applied to different things. there's a lot of different things on there. >> that's right. >> is it common you could find a mistake on one or two of the reports and not on the third? you got to look at all of them. >> that's right. three different companies out there. they are all making money. and one may have a mistake and the other one may not. check all three of them. get it all for free. >> any other point you want to make? >> that's it. be careful of identity theft. that's also a big problem. >> very good.
8:23 am
thanks for coming in to talk about it. we will be hearing more about this in the days ahead. thank you for sharing. >> thank you. >> 8:22 now. it's a tuesday morning. still ahead. his dad received the medal of honor but he stole the show. plus, holly is getting into the mardi gras spirit with a fat tuesday party. she's going to join us live with more on the tradition behind all the fun a little later. we will be right back. be right back.
8:24 am
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u.s. combat troops are supposed to leave afghanistan next year but now pushing a three year plan to keep 8,000 troops thereafter the mission is over. the washington post reports the plan would reduce the number of americans over the following two years. the phased reduction approach would redefine the u.s. end game in afghanistan. >> the son of medal of honor clinton romesha steals the show ahead of his father's ceremony. little colin was exploring the stage with his dad in tow yesterday. president obama even shared a cute story.
8:27 am
>> colin is not as shy as clinton. he was in the oval office and he was racing around pretty good. and sampled a number of the apples. before he found the one that was just right. >> former staff sergeant clinton romesha was recognized for leadership back in 2009. we salute him. >> yes, we do. >> and his adorable son. >> it is 8:27 now. still ahead. could vitamin c be backfiring for men? our fox medical team looks into a link to kidney stones. >> snowed in. a look how people are fairing days after a powerful snowstorm slammed that state. 8:27. we'll be right back. 
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
good views. >> i love it. >> there's a live look outside. a very pleasant start to the day. will the day be pleasant? only one man can answer that question. and that man is tucker barnes. >> that's a lot of pressure, tony. >> no pressure. >> i declare the day will be pleasant for everybody. >> that's good. i like that. >> going to be just fine. >> got some fortune cookies over there. >> nothing but good things. let's get to your weather forecast. should see plenty of sunshine. a little bit of cloudiness out there. more and more sun out there. 45 in leonard town this morning. 40 in quantico. 34 in manassas. 36 in culpeper.
8:32 am
highs later today. low 50s. bit of a breeze here as well. it's not going to be a perfect day. will be a nice afternoon considering it's the middle of february. there's cloud cover. you can see it right there to our south and to our north as well. more and more sunshine building in. and should be a nice afternoon. forecast is a changing one. very active weather pattern. and show you what's going to be taking shape here. later this afternoon, nice and quiet. start to see clouds increasing from the south and west as we get into the afternoon hours. we will be mostly cloudy as the next storm system take shape. pushes off the coast here later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. morning commute night and dry. look what happens by tomorrow afternoon. just in time for evening rush hour. rain/snow line setting up and looks like could be a snow
8:33 am
event. maybe a mix and rain south and east. who wins the battle during the night. a good sloth of the area could see snow. temperatures are going to be marginal. snow can sometimes overcome that. may see accumulations out there later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. want to be ready for that. there's your accu weather 7 day. perhaps this weekend as well. lots of question marks about a possible coastal storm. all right. tony and allison, back to you guys. >> thank you. we are told it is good for our health but new research shows that men who take vitamin c supplements run a higher risk of developing kidney stones. they may be twice as likely to develop kidney stones. fox medical team dr. mike joins us live with more on these findings and i'm told that
8:34 am
passing kidney stones is the same kind of pain as what a woman goes through in childbirth. so this is not good news. >> allison, i have been in practice 20 years and let me tell you, you want to take a big linebacker guy and bring him to his knees, give him a kidney stone and he turns into mush. >> i heard. >> basically, what this study showed, and by the way, this is timely. lots of people take vitamin c so they can prevent colds, reduce the amount of time they have a cold. there's some data that says it might not work. i personally don't believe in it but a lot of people do. when you take vitamin c and i brought a kidney so i can show you. what happens is you end up with a metabolite called oxolate. and builds up in the kidney and can lead to
8:35 am
the formation of calcium oxolate stones. you just saw that video of the vitamin c. and what happens is that gets metabolized in the kidney and leads to the formation of kidney stones. it's something that if you have a history of kidney stones or you just don't want a kidney stone, i wouldn't do it. i personally would do chicken soup and rest and good old fashion treatments for a cold. forget the vitamin c. >> how about the fruits and veggies we can get vitamin c from naturally? sounds like that's what you would prefer to do. >> i've been studying natural products for 20 years. i'll take a whole real food over a supplement any day. >> okay. how about use of other supplements? multi vitamins and the like? >> i'm not a big fan of multi vitamins. i know a lot of people are. there's no data that shows that it does anything. there's sporadic data once in a while. you want to eat the right kinds of foods.
8:36 am
broccoli, colliflower. get rest, exercise. don't smoke. those are the things . as simple as they sound will prolong your life. you need to eat the right foods. you are what you eat. >> i have heard that. >> let's switch gears. let's talk about marijuana usage and stroke. is there a connection here? what have they found? >> well, this is a study looking at a risk association between the use of marijuana and stroke. and this is not anything new. there has been some concern about this. it doesn't happen often. some people seem to be predisposed especially young people. they will use marijuana and end up with a stroke. and the theory is they think that the researchers think it might have to do with compression and spasm of the blood vessels in the brain leading to a stroke. if you are a young person and
8:37 am
came in with a stroke to the hospital, one of the things doctors are going to ask you were you smoking pot? >> all right. does it complicate if you smoke regular cigarettes too? >> well, the issue was was it the cigarette smoking that led to the stroke? the answer was looks like it was the marijuana. they carefully analyzed looking at these patients and found it was the marijuana. >> dr., mike, thank you so much. let's talk about happier things next time okay? >> okay, allison. >> see you next time. >> all right. love you. >> he said love you and i didn't say love you back. >> valentine's day design. how you can spice up your home for the love of your life. >> still stranded. passengers aboard a cruise now headed to alabama. what's it like on board or what it is like on board.
8:38 am
we'll be right back. >> not pleasant.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
8:39 am
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welcome back. a five day cruise to the caribbean has turned into quite an ordeal for thousands of passengers. the carnival triumph became stranded after fire in the engine room
8:41 am
early sunday. tug boats were deployed with the origin tent to tow the ship to mexico. the ship drifted so far north it will have to be towed to alabama now. the conditions are far from deal. >> she was crying and stuff and said they had no power , they have no running water, they have no way to use the bathroom. >> that man is talking about his wife who is on a trip with her girlfriends. other cruise liners have met with the vessel bringing food and other supplies. the passengers will get a full refund plus an equal credit for a future cruise. >> back in the u.s., clean up continues in mississippi this morning after a powerful tornado tore through three counties there. more than 80 people were hurt. when the twister hit sunday night. the university of
8:42 am
southern southern mississippi took a hit. but less popular than usual because of mardi gras. president obama has declared a state of emergency following this weekend's blizzard. there will free up federal aid. still working to clear the roads. rain and warmer temperatures are in the forecast for the region today. >> it is now 8:42 on this tuesday morning. still ahead. celebrity event planner will join us live with a holiday how to. >> plus, holly is live with mardi gras party preview. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. you don't need to be in the french quarter to celebrate mardi gras. you need to be in arlington. we are live this morning and as you can see, gearing up for a huge fat tuesday celebration. wouldn't be complete without you. tell you all about it and all the fun you can have next.
8:43 am
stay with us. ith us.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
court house neighborhood is looking more like new orleans on this fat tuesday. >> holly joins us live with how a southern flavor has become an indispensable part of a plan's party. >> reporter: good morning. we are saying [ foreign language ], let the good times roll. these people know how to let the good times roll. live at bayou bakery. always throws it down mardi gras style right here. but we're telling you to move over. right now we've got gina who is the mixtress from buffly and burgon. i'm so cold i said burger. part of the party tonight is you are going to have drinks. special new orleans style deal. >> we're doing parade punch. pretty awesome. >> let's see awesome right now. >> we're going to do one and a
8:47 am
half ounces of rum. we have a banana, caramelized banana and cream. kind of like a milk punch. >> as we well know the history. she modeled this beverage after this. a very specific dessert in new orleans. >> definitely what we need is an ice cold beverage. okay. so that is fun. let me tell you what else is fun. this is super fun . a man by the name of don fransisco who came in to have breakfast. and now look at him. >> marching in the 100 high school bands. great guy. awesome food. great to be here. >> now, what he's not saying saint og. they are the premiere
8:48 am
marching band in new orleans. high school, purple nights. you march in the parade. he always travels with his flute. we thought you might play a little something for us. >> i'll be glad to do that. >> all right. take it away. >> [ flute ] >> and as we do that, i want you to tell me about this whole second wine thing. >> this is the deal. all about marching, getting behind each other. everybody comes from that african dance. it's all about cheering and celebrating life and throwing up your hanks and umbrellas. >> not only at mardi gras but at funerals. it's triggered because you are like it's a celebration of life. >> new orleans in the street following the casket and a
8:49 am
celebration of sending someone off right. celebration of living and for the living. >> why walk? okay. now they are on the parade float. >> when you are a patron and you are looking at the float, you say throw me something. >> okay. throw me something. thank you. thank you . >> let me tell you, as cheap as these things are, people fight for them. >> let's talk great great etiquette. >> kick off party that starts a block away. 8:00, the court house parade. doing it for years and really heavily involved. telling everybody to come over here. take yourself off to go to the parade.
8:50 am
all about gearing up. lasts a couple hours. we're going to have fun floats this year. people are bettering themselves every year. you can't enter the same float every year. you have to one up each other. it's a friendly competition. >> if there's anything we have seen this morning, it's going to be fun. so you heard david say it's only in arlington. tickets range from 10 to $30. also talking about the food. we are going to see what's on the menu and talk king cake. you go my man. you just keep playing. i hope he doesn't have to go to work today. back to you in the studio. >> it's a party out there. >> okay. holly, thank you. if you are looking for a way to celebrate valentine's day. moving on to the next eating festivity. our next guest has ideas that can transform dining room into romance central. >> sarah is creating a romantic
8:51 am
evening with andre wells. >> i want you to take a look at this spread before we introduce andre. look how beautiful this is. andre wells is the man behind this beautiful spread. thanks so much for coming in today. >> thank you for having me. >> you are the guy to talk to on this. you helped plan inaugural parties. lots of different events. you are the guy to go to. i love what you have done here. not necessarily all red but you can play with different colors. what do we have here? >> this is entertaining at home. on valentine's day we thought we'd playoff that traditional color red. everyone does red and roses for valentine's day. >> they are pretty too. >> we'll start with the flowers here. we have beautiful sweet pea and amnesia roses.
8:52 am
and/or kid orchids. and don't send it to your loved one at work. wait until you get home and have this nice romantic picnic. and you can enjoy them for a couple days. it's a beautiful plate with the hot pink roses out of the red. so then, nothing more romantic than sweet rose pedals. sprinkle them all around the table. take your kitchen table and put a beautiful cloth or festive cloth in a different color like this. we used the plum today. fuchsia or hot pink. >> this is so festive too. and this is something you can rent. >> absolutely. lots of local rental companies that provide linen and flat ware. you want to jazz up your setting.
8:53 am
take your kitchen table. put this tablecloth. kind of ballroom chairs and have your romantic dinner for two. >> or in the den if you don't want to be in the kitchen. >> wherever they are during the day, you have this right in the middle of the living room. >> so then maybe after dinner or a little more informal setting. this is more like a picnic you can create on the floor. >> absolutely. i love surprises. i love surprising my wife. what i've done is a romantic picnic. beautiful blanket, spread it out. we follow social media. a lot of people don't take time to write love notes. i think it's great. write your loved one a note. >> and communicate with someone outside of the computer. >> yes. >> years from now you can look back and oh, gosh i remember
8:54 am
when he sent me that. >> and lots of little sweets. a play on the chocolates. fun lolli pop s . you can download things like love songs. and also got to do champaign. and good champaign. >> splurge a little bit on that. >> it's great to be playful and have games like tic tac toe. and also if your loved one is a sports enthusiast. give him tickets to the game wrapped up in a little bag. and other fun things like smell good candles are always good if you travel a lot. >> just make it fun. >> make it fun. >> you don't have to spend a lot. these are ideas that don't have to cost a lot. >> absolutely. >> andre wells, thanks for coming in today. you can find
8:55 am
those ideas >> thank you. >> coming up at 9:00, after they clean out their lockers, what's next for professional athletes? a new nba program designed for them. >> i love it. it is a big night for the president. president obama will have a live preview of his state of the union address. we are back right after this. 8:55.  [ ariel ] my mother was never into our coffee at all.
8:56 am
she would only get a splash of coffee in her cup and then fill the rest up with cream and it -- mommy, what's going on? what are you doing? so when we did the blonde roast, she finally went from a splash of coffee to only a splash of cream. and i thought that was so cool, i said "well she's enjoying this." ♪ ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> keeping a close watch, breaking news this morning. a nuclear test sends law makers scrambling to prevent more test. a response from the white house ahead. >> two dead, one injured when a university of maryland student opened fire on his roommate. melanie alnwick is live ee scene
8:59 am
as police piece together. >> dave ross is sitting down with former nfl players to learn more about a program that's helping them prepare for life after the game. >> and later this hour, if you are still working out plans for valentine's day, we have a chocolate treat you don't want to miss. chocolate cream pie from wildfire restaurant. coming up at 9:45 good morning. i'm allison seymour. we should share with you if we could. >> if we could. i'm tony perkins. we may not even share with this next man, tucker barnes. cause we're up here where the pie is. tucker is downstairs where the pie is. >> tony, how far back do we go? i'm going up stairs after this. we're off to a cool start. not cold. not going to be a high. sunshine. more sunshine second half of the day. let's look at the num

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